Robert hardly makes an impression of an open and friendly person, rather more focused and quiet. He does not use words lightly, in the kitchen he is a storm, and his severe look shoots down. But if you start speaking with him about gastronomy, his eyes light up with hundreds of little devils, and Robert turns into impulsive speaker, full of laugh and irony. He has his own absolute and sharp outlook at cooking. “Servings should be large, and the products should be of high quality, no matter how it affects the cost of the dishes. Guests should leave satisfied and always come back!”

That is why Robert perceives the rare criticism of guests as a personal defeat. “It so happened that there is a huge competition in the restaurant business in Latvia. Restaurants appear and close down one after another. The need to surprise the guests constantly, to invent something new and interesting arises in itself… and sometimes people forget that everything finest in culinary was invented and cooked long before, and all the latest trends in the serving and cooking are a kind of adaptation of old ideas. For some time already I have intentionally not assessing the style of other restaurants and basically have not followed the trends of fashionable places.

Of course, I understand that in some way I am taking the risk or losing something… but I am sure that this is the only way how the masterchef can find his own way and his own style; so and in no other way his restaurant will be like no other. If we look at the history of art, we will see that we like those artists who found their own techniques and manners of execution. But it does not mean that I dream of glory, and I do not think that artists of past centuries wanted fame, rather, each of them just wanted self-expression… I think it is a banal desire to prove oneself that you can, and make your life meaningful. And for me life also becomes meaningful here, within these walls, while mixing flavors of oven-fresh bread, herbs and freshly cooked meat; when trying the mint sauce…mmm»