“What is the magic of numbers?” – you will ask.

1221 – is more than the numbers. 1221 was an unusual year when several events took place: this street appeared and became the first street of the Old City, and this house was built – for the founder of the brotherhood of hunters for beavers and his fretful beautiful wife. Even today we still feel here her subtle presence…

There is almost no reference to the events of the past. Some of them are in the books, some still somewhere in the Latvian meadows, hidden in the cow bells, and some – in the recipes, known only to few chefs.

Everything is unusual in “1221” – menu collected from the recipes inspired by the magic of Latvian flora and fauna, as well as the most exquisite masterpieces of the Chef, and the interior, which is opening horizons for the imagination. But the most unusual are our visitors!
“One angel has once left here its wings”. And what will you leave?



“Life for me becomes meaningful here, within these walls, surrounded by the flavors of oven-fresh bread, herbs and freshly cooked meat; or when I try the mint sauce!”

Robert Smilga
Chef of the “1221” restaurant