Casual acquaintance of the our restaurant’s owner with one of the best chefs of Latvia caused desire to open in Riga restaurant with the most qualitative, tasty food in the city.

The idea was realized in 2010 and in heart of the old city restaurant 1221 opened.

1221 – is more than a simple number. 1221 was an unusual year when several events took place: this street appeared and became the first street of the Old City, and the house in which there is a restaurant now was built.

„1221” restaurant has reputation of cozy restaurant in the center of the Old city with chef cuisine. We use only the best products of the superior quality that allows the chef to show tastes of products as much as possible. All our dishes prepare according to author’s recipes. From the last dishes the chef strongly recommends to taste Donald Russell’s mutton.

The philosophy of our restaurant is that we every time try to achieve the level of a culinary masterpiece.

Many regular customers and celebrities come to our restaurant and we want to work so, that every single visitor have the desire to return!




“Life for me becomes meaningful here, within these walls, surrounded by the flavors of oven-fresh bread, herbs and freshly cooked meat; or when I try the mint sauce!”

Robert Smilga
Chef of the “1221” restaurant